Dualgram User Guide

Using Gestures

Dualgram has convenient gestures (tap, swipe) to change layout or zoom quickly.

It is not easy to discover these shortcuts, so we list them here.


  • Swipe Left - Picture-in-Picture (PIP)
  • Swipe Right - Side-by-side (SBS)
  • Double tap - Switch between front and back cameras

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Layout

  • Swipe Up/Down - Changes PIP shape
  • Swipe with 2 fingers - Moves PIP in the direction of the swipe
  • Tap and hold layout button - Shows the 9-grid to move the PIP

Side-by-side (SBS)Layout

  • Swipe Up/Down - Changes the ratio


  • Pinch with 2 fingers - Zoom in/out (digitally)
  • Tap zoom button - Change to narrower lens eg. 2x (optical zoom in)
  • Double tap zoom button - Change to wider lens eg. 0.5x (optical zoom out)
  • Tap and hold zoom button - Bring up zoom panel

Volume Buttons

When the volume up/down is pressed, or when remote bluetooth is clicked on,

  • Start/Stop recording in Video mode
  • Snap photo in Photo mode